Why Join Us?

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"Easternwell's commitment to safety is great, Working for Easternwell gives my family and I peace of mind. Due to the high value placed on safety my family knows I am coming home safe to them."


Our commitment to safety comes from the top.  Easternwell provides safe systems of work and the necessary equipment and resources to keep employees safe. Our Health, Safety and Environmental Policy states that no task is so important that the risk of injury to people or damage to the environment is justified. All employees are personally accountable for their own level of safety performance.

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"My family and I enjoy the consistent rosters. Working at Easternwell means I get to take my kids to school when I am home."


Easternwell knows that there is more to life than work and that every employee has interests and commitments outside of work. We are committed to providing consistent rosters, competitive salaries and benefits to support our employees’ work life balance.

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"I like knowing that Easternwell has ongoing and established relationships with major companies as that means job security."

Job Security

Easternwell has long term contracts with most of the largest resource companies in Australia. These contracts along with support from Transfield Services ensure that our employees and their families have peace of mind.

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"While working at Easternwell I have received significant training and development, that has played a big part in my career development and progression."

Training & Development

At Easternwell we believe it's important to give our employees exceptional training. Our Registered Training Organisation delivers nationally recognised vocational and education training specific to the energy and minerals sectors of Australia.


Working With Us

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Latest technology, rigs and equipment

Latest technology, rigs and equipment

Easternwell is at the forefront of innovative technology for drilling and well servicing rigs. We work closely with our rig manufacturers to ensure our rigs and equipment are the best they can be.  We have strict maintenance programs for our rigs and equipment so that they are well maintained at all times.

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Mateship makes it all together better


Our crews have been asked many times why it is they enjoy working at Easternwell. Almost everyone makes a reference to mateship and the people they work with.  We know that spending time away from home can be difficult but the strong friendships you make with your crew help make it a bit easier. Easternwell fosters a family Attitude and this can be seen at all levels of the business making Easternwell a great place to work.

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Quality camp facilities with all the luxuries of home and more


Easternwell is one of Australia's leading remote mobile camp accommodation providers including catering and housekeeping services. Our Chefs and Camp Attendants provide our employees with the very best living conditions. Quality food and a clean and tidy living environment with air-conditioned rooms, pay television and internet access all contribute to making your life a little more comfortable while onsite.

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Comfortable travel to and from site with dedicated travel coordinators


Our crew and their families are important to us. Dedicated Travel Coordinators assist our Human Resources team to ensure travel arrangements are organised in advance so you can plan your lives.  Easternwell’s fleet of planes assist with the crew changes throughout Australia.


Success Stories

Grant Gamberini

Grant Gamberini
- Operations Superintendent

"I pursued a role at Easternwell because I heard they needed a crew for a brand new drilling rig and I had never worked on new equipment before. My experience had always been on ‘dinosaurs’ old and dated rigs. I started as a Floorhand and in the last 5 years I have held a number of roles including Lead Floorhand, Derrickman, Assistant Driller, Tour Pusher and Rig Manager. I am now Operations Superintendent. Easternwell cares about my career development and they have put me through training like the Diploma in Onshore Oil and Gas Drilling to keep my skills up to date and relevant for not only my role today but to keep me progressing in my career for the future. Easternwell is committed to getting things done. No matter the obstacles they find a way. They are a company that is always expanding and I feel fortunate that as the company grows, I grow too."


Gareth Ross
- Mechanical Superintendent

"I haven’t stopped moving forward since I started at Easternwell in 2006 as a Leasehand. I joined Easternwell for the career prospects and Easternwell has recognised my efforts and commitment, by providing me with career advancement, a positive working environment and on the job training. Currently, I supervise and oversee 16 Mechanics throughout the Surat and Cooper Basin in my role as Mechanical Superintendent. Some exciting career developments have included going over to the USA twice to supervise a rig build as well as five weeks spent in Papua New Guinea servicing a well. Easternwell really looks after their people; the work is enjoyable, challenging and full of variety."